Rock Wall Farm

Bale Barns

In our first winter, we knew we wanted the horses to have access to as close to free-choice hay as possible. The easiest solution was to put out round bales. However, as anyone who has fed round bales before knows, the horses quickly demolished the bales by spreading the hay everywhere, using it as a bedroom, bathroom and seemingly doing everything to it except eat it. That’s when we researched options to help save hay wastage. The first week we had the Bale Barns, our hay wastage dropped from about 50% to less than 10%. The hay stayed where it was supposed to and we were moving bales way less often. Our Bale Barns are still in use through the summer to help horses adjust from hay to fresh grass and to always provide roughage. Our Bale Barns are in the same shape as day 1 so we couldn’t be happier!

When we couldn’t find a distributor close to the area, we hopped on the opportunity to provide these in the Capital District and Hudson Valley region. Since we are a working farm, sales are by appointment only.

Please contact us for availability. For more information on the benefits of Bale Barns please visit